how it works

bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world

by leveraging the iot "internet of things". 

Solutions for Peace of Mind!

Sensor data to gateway

sensor data

choosing the right monitoring system for the specific application is done by working directly with the customer. each application is unique, however, every system will be comprised of sensors, gateways, and software. the sensors transmit data to the gateway via a 256bit encrypted Radio signal.

gateway data to cloud

gateway data

The gateway is the hub that ties the system together. data from sensors is received by the gateway and securely sent to the cloud. our systems feature Bank-level Encryption to maintain security throughout this process. 

cloud data to you

software data

data is received from the cloud and deciphered by the monitoring software. at this point, the data becomes tangible information you can leverage. for example, notifications can be set up to alert via text or email when specific conditions are met. a condition can be anything you deem important, such as a freezer temperature or the presence of water.  


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